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Facebook friends checker is a software program you can use when you want to keep track of all your Facebook friends. This tool can check any volume of Facebook friends even if there are thousands.

This application also tracks friends who have stopped being your Facebook friend or friends that have been inactive. Face book friends checker can be installed in the Firefox web browser.

It is a user-script. You must take note that the Greasemonkey extension should be installed first. After you log in, user-script will act on every page load and runs on schedule every 2 hours by default.

This means that this program checks on your Face book friends every two hours. Facebook friends checker lets you go through each of your friends and add them to a list.

"Free Facebook Friends Checker"

I built a free Facebook Friends Checker that will notify you of friends that have unfriended you within minutes. Feel free to use it, just search for BootCha on facebook or google :)

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07 Jul 2012

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